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Top SEO Trends to look Out in 2018



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Search Engine Optimizations as we all know always changes with the time and has come a long way from black hat days of link farming and keyword stuffing to the rise of machine learning AI’s. A machine learning system is a Google’s Rank brain that helps Google analyze and determine search results. Google thinks best correlates to what a user is searching for. So, here I have compiled the list of top 10 best SEO trends:

Voice search

Voice Search will significantly impact SEO and is projected to be more than 50% of all searches. Because we can speak faster than we can type, voice searches will be longer and more natural and also helps to bring SEO.

Falling in Love by engaging content

On Google, one of the significant SEO trends is brand loyalty. It’s an endless buzzword in the marketing community and has been for years now.

Careful structuring of Rich Snippet

This is a very likely part of SEO best practices are the latest emerging things a Snippets. Yes, Rich Snippets, but not just any snippets. Rich Snippets. Perhaps before we go further, some quick definitions are in order. A snippet is the search engine results which show on the results page for a query made.

The Rise of “Linkless” Backlinks

There is such a new which is revolving around the web search engine that is “linkless” backlink. And these are one of the fastest becoming strong ranking factors as we head into 2018. They work the same way that “real” links work. Thus they are known by the name as “linkless” backlinks.

Natural Language Queries

Nowadays the search is becoming natural. Enter natural language queries. This is the search that is carried out in the everyday part of natural language on Google search engine. And it’s on the rise, typed or spoken.

Link Building

If you thought link building was dead, then you are wrong. All the fake news concerning link building is old, and it is still your number for one of the SEO hack tactics.

Increased Page Relevance

When it comes to ranking the page with the relevant details, it will never become outdated as just like a ranking factor. Search engines want to give users the best experience possible on the web. That means showing relevant results.

Personalization Of Search

Search results are becoming more customized, which means that nowadays search engines give results that are “personal” and tailor-made according to the user. Besides the generic search results, search engines include results based on the information they have about the user


PPC Campaign can have a direct impact on the website organic traffic. People often who click on the ads return to the site via organic branded keywords.

Page Speed

According to a Google survey and reports, the speed of the page is the primary ranking factor. Slow loading pages 3 seconds or more have detrimental consequences:

  • Search engines crawl fewer pages.
  • Increased traffic bounce rate.
  • Time on page is lower.

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Easy Ways to Make Money Online From Instagram



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If you are already set up with IG, you need no explanation on why you needed to be here. However, your knack of taking pictures and snaps to build an earning platform is where you need a hand. Some handful of tips and strategies on How to Make Money Online From Instagram are always assist on the way. What you need to have in the first place are a concrete reputation among followers (based on your content), Imagery that intrigues you, Brands you need to be associated with or influenced by, and some other factors that are explained further here.

Steps of Instagram Money Making Strategy

Gaining on Followers

There are surely infinite possibilities to think of when it comes to commercializing your work. It is time to get to know about How to Earn Money From Instagram Page. Things to set aside first and foremost, stave those shy boots and start being social much as you can. Promote your work through photography and gain Followers who have a keen eye to see your posts. Thence, continuing the chain of image posting, pace up gradually influencing viewers and followers. The minimum follower count is up to 500; ensure maintaining a constant activity log on Instagram and an equivalent posts count each day.

Start Sponsoring for Brands/Grow as an Influence

Considering what best you can come up with your photography and a potential number of followers you got, emphasis on How to Earn Money From Instagram Likes. Look for a brand to promote through your imagery hence detailing and delivering your work professionally. Being an influencer one should be considerate enough to post what viewers perceive from it. Primarily, it should be you who needs to put your attention to their official promo pages. Let yourself take some time to comprehend what the Brand is selling, how you can be associated with such and show love to their posts.

Affiliate your Links

Share your affiliate links that even relates to your work or interest and direct advertisers attention. Getting Affiliate links from the companies is not uphill tasks these days, again, make sure what you feature on your Instagram page is relevant and bears similar content that is edgy as noteworthy. Once the deal is done, followers turn into prospective customers and a share of sales goes to you.

Sell Your Photos

If those previous two options sounds pesky or lengthening, pay stress on building a strong fan followers base and copyright your images. Keep taking your interest unless you turn your followers into admirers and add more authenticity to your photos. Post them under your name/tag, watermarking them and specifying a little description. Patiently practice and read the patterns of your fellow Instagrammers. Look for a platform where you can interact with users who demand best photographs for their commercial or non-commercial use. Take Foap500px, and twenty20 as Exempli Gratia where you will be contacted directly by customers once you set up your account and post some samples of your work.

Seek Opinion from Peers

Take a professional opinion to know or prior to diving into How to Make Money From Instagram Posts. Follow those influential people on IG and have the wordiest conversation about their story and share your ideas with them too.

Further Things to do…

Be frequent with fellow instagrammers, stay connected with them and respond actively to their comments or asks. Transcending forth would definitely require assistance from your followers. Being original and authentic never lets your hopes down. Pay time on a daily basis once you set up your essentials in order if you want to advance into How to Make Money Online From Instagram.

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How To Add Social Media Icons To Gmail Signature



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Hello guys! Do you know How To Add Social Media Icons To Gmail Signature? Have you ever been thought to be looking for a way to add social media icons to Gmail signature as which is in trending nowadays? Having social media icons in your email signature is a clever method of linking all your social profiles to the Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles. But what is the entire process to add these icons to your own signature in Gmail? So, in this article you will get to know easily. This is just a best and simple way to do it. Just read full tutorial follow the step by step. I hope you won’t face any problem after reading this tutorial. We tried to write this tutorial in a very simple and understanding language.  If you are facing any trouble in doing this tutorial then comment us, we will provide you another solution.

What To Do:-

  • Download the icons which you want by going to the search engine google and search for the icons you want to use in your Gmail signature.
  • All you need to do is to go got, and then click on the Click on “Upload Image” and choose the image you download earlier on your laptop.
  • After uploading the image, on the content material just simply type drop-down, choose “family safe content”. Leave other settings with no changes.

  • When the file is uploaded, then all you need to click on ‘Full size‘ and copy the URL of the photo. As of now it is much more essential that you copy the URL to the file ending with .png or .gif.
  • Now login your Gmail account and go to settings.
  • Go down to the settings for your signature and click the upload image icon.
  • Choose Web Address (URL) and paste the URL (that you copied) to the photo within the textual content field and click on select button.
  • Click on the uploaded image and click the link button on the menu and paste the URL of your social media account.
  • Click on OK to save it. The icon is now linked to your social media web page. Scroll down and click on Save changes.

The icon is hosted on Imgbox and is linking to your social media account’s web page. Repeat the procedure for the all other icons you want to use in your signature, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram.

I hope you have done all steps right and set social media icons to Gmail signature. If you found this tutorial useful, then comment with a thumbs up and you can comment the rating for this tutorial. Share this tutorial with your friends in your virtual world.


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7 Best Instagram Tools For Business



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Selfies and food porn may dominate Instagram but that is not all that the photo-sharing app is limited to. Some businesses are using the app as a site to host their products. Other businesses are thinking out of the box to use Instagram as an extension to market and reach out to their customers.

In fact, some are so good at it that there is now a new form of advertising on Instagram where you don’t advertise (if that makes sense). Even if you don’t have a physical product, your business can benefit by showing behind-the-scene snapshots or by showcasing your workers’ office space. Whatever your reason for using the app, we hope that these 10 tools will help you make the most out Instagram for your business.

Instagram Business Tools

Instagram themselves have came up with tools that can help you grow and manage your business. The tools concentrate on 3 main areas: Account Insightsprovide analytics on your account’s engagement and reach; Ad Insights analyzes your ads performances; and Ad Staging allows you to preview, save, and collaborate on future ad campaigns.


Piqora is arguably one of the best social media management tools for Instagram. It provides analytics for when to post next, hashtag and contest tracking, interaction management as well as posting your photos via desktop. Now if that doesn’t spell almost complete, I don’t know what does.


Sometimes you need words on your photos. When that time comes, invest in Over. For only $1.99, you will have a plethora of beautiful fonts at your disposal. Hey, you can even use it to make Instagram posters for announcements. And the best part about this app? It’s available for both Android and iOS.


Need to display your Instagram photos on your website? Use SnapWidget to do so. The widget allows you to embed your Instagram gallery as well as customize the widget’s look. You can even choose to either display the gallery based on a username or a hashtag.


Instagram makes full use of the hashtag and does well with unique ones crafted to suit your purposes. If your hashtag is used across all your other social media accounts, use Tagboard to keep track of them all. Besides Instagram, Tagboard tracks hashtags from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Vine, and Flickr. It also allows you to interact with the posts.


If you read enough articles on social media posting tips, you would know that one of them would advise you to share some of your followers/fans posts. Enter Repost, which works the same way as the retweet button on Twitter. With this app, you can repost photos on Instagram whether on iOS or Android.


Ever wished there is a tool like Tweetdeck for Instagram? There is and it’s called Picdeck. With Picdeck, you can now create columns of users and hashtags to better track them. As of now, the web app doesn’t allow for posting posts. But it sure beats Instagram’s own website in search and organizational abilities on the web.


Social media management tool Curalate came up with the perfect solution for turning your Instagram account into a shop: Like2Buy. It works by making use of the ‘Like button’. If your followers like a product photo you’ve just posted, they can purchase it by simply tapping the ‘Like button’.


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Mobile Web Vs Mobile App: Where should you invest for your marketing?



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Are you in the planning stage to set up a mobile presence for your business? Two main considerations are supposed to come to your mind; whether to set up a mobile compatible webpage or develop a mobile app for users to download and use, or perhaps both. Both of them look similar at a first glance, but deciding upon which utility will most suit your needs depends upon various factors including the nature of your target audience, budget, purpose and necessary features.

What’s the Difference?

Before evaluating the benefits of a mobile website and a mobile app, it is essential to understand the key differences between the two.

A Mobile Website is designed specifically for the smaller screen and touch screen gadgets such as smart phones, tablets or phablets. It can be accessed from the browser of any mobile device irrespective of the OS such as Safari of iOS, Chrome of Android or Opera Mini of Blackberry. When the user types a URL in the mobile device or clicks on a link from mobile, the device automatically redirects to the mobile version of the webpage.

A Mobile App is a smart phone or tablet specific application. Unlike a mobile website, an app has to be searched for, downloaded and installed in a mobile for using it henceforth. The Apps have to be downloaded from the App marketplace such as Google Play Store for Android, App store for iOS or Windows store for Microsoft mobile phones.

Which is beneficial – Mobile App or Mobile Website?

When you have to decide upon which option to go on with, it really depends upon your end goals, as both mobile website and mobile apps have their own pros and cons.

The primary benefit of a mobile website is that, it makes regular websites more user and mobile friendly.  With similar look, feel and features as that of a conventional website, the mobile website adjusts its layout according to the screen size of the smart device. With mobile website, smart phone and tablet users can access your website anywhere from any device without any compromise on the tremendous and lively user experience. Some of the uncompromising advantages of a mobile website are as follows.

  • Mobile websites are instantly available.
  • They are compatible across devices.
  • Can be found easily.
  • Mobile websites can never be deleted.
  • Mobile websites are easier to use and less expensive.

Even though a mobile app functions similar to a mobile website, it has the benefit of occupying its own corner in the user’s device. As an app stays on the device, businesses have an independent control over their customers. Even though setting up an app takes time, accessing it is much easy and simpler, compared to a website where the browser has to be opened and URL has to be typed or searched through a search engine. Some stand-alone benefits of a mobile app are as follows.

  • For interactive games and activities, apps are the most favourable choice.
  • For regular and personalized use, apps are the best.
  • Operating a mobile app does not require an internet connection always.


When your business is huge and needs an exclusive application for interaction with customers independently, then developing a mobile app is beneficial. Otherwise it turns to be an expensive option, compared to developing a website, which can be found easily on search engines and has got a broader reach.

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Is It Time to Give Your Online Marketing a Tuneup?



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Every business firm establishes a strong digital marketing strategy to obtain better results and increase revenue out of more sales. But the world of online marketing changes so fast, that you really need to work hard to ensure that you are in pace with the on-going changes.

  • Who are your consumers?
  • Are you able to reach out effectively to those who need your service?
  • Who are influencing business players of your industry?
  • Where are you standing presently?

If you are doubtful even with one of the questions above, then your business definitely needs a tune-up with respect to online presence.

  1. Upgrade your website

When your website was last updated, 2010? If a potential customer wants to take up your service, then your website is the first point of contact. Keep your website lively and project your regular updates, news, discounts, offers and so on. Add more photos and give a nearly complete idea of who you are and what you do, even before the customer decides to visit you directly.  Redesigning and Rebranding your page is a brilliant effort to keep yourself on pace with the growing market trends.

  1. Go mobile-friendly

With the advent of mobile usage, users search their required information anytime and anywhere on the go. That is the reason why establishing a mobile-friendly website is extremely important. For instance, say a customer is on the lookout for your service details, address, working hours or contact number; they should be able to obtain the information effortlessly. If your website, which is the source of information for your business, is not readable on a smart device, difficult to navigate or makes the user to pinch and zoom, then there are maximum chances for you to lose a potential customer. Get your website to be responsive for mobiles and tablets, which automatically adjusts the layout according to the screen size.

  1. Refine your SEO strategies

A well optimized website is the foundation for a fair local search visibility. As a basic requirement to be optimized for search engines, your website must encompass keywords which are phrased according to the way your service would be searched for by clients. Having a strong and attractive content, speedy website and responsive design all add up to getting you ranked as a top search result by search engines.

  1. Use Social Media to the fullest

Similar to word of the mouth technique by humans, Social Media is the online equivalent tool. Your presence is spread at a much faster rate and visibility is increased locally and globally as well. Create your own social media page and keep posting latest updates. Social media is the best cost effective way of online marketing for your business.

Online presence makes a huge difference for any business size be it big or small. In fact it leverages the small scale businesses to be on par with large business players. Thus giving a tune-up to online marketing can make all the difference!

If you like this article, then please share your views in the comment below!!

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