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Digital art gallery using Artifical Intelligence ,Block Chain technology and Virtual Reality



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Nikhil Raj Natarajan / Cushbinshad

Cushbu Arts, what is your start up offering?

Utilizing the evolution of technology, Cushbu arts is presenting an online art gallery, a platform for the artists, which will be a combined technology of Block Chain, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality.

What are benefits you offer to an Artist?

The real market of Art is United States and UK. Our vision is to extend that market to the artists of India. We automate the sales of the artworks and ensures the right revenue for the artists. Traditionally an artist has to spend his time and effort to promote his artwork and to identify their buyer. With, artist can concentrate in his creativity and we   promote their creativity globally and identify a potential buyer for it.

Nikhil Raj Natarajan / Sanatta Balakrishnan

Would like to know the purpose of using Blockchain technology in an online market place ?

We use blockchain technology to save the history of artists and the artwork, which ultimately helps to create a future of auction. Currently the auction of artworks are happening offline, which we want to bring to a completely online model.

The artworks uploaded to are protected from unauthorized downloading, even our team members are not having the permission to download the same. Once an artwork is uploaded to cushbu, the platform scans and identify the history of that artwork and pulls out all data including early sales price, date etc. The platform also predicts the future valuation of an artwork.

Are you selling soft copies as well as the originals of art works ?

No, we sell only originals, canvas limited edition prints and open edition prints of the creative. we are not selling soft copies. We want to protection of intellectual property rights of an artist.

Do you pick up the originals from the door step of an artist?

Yes, we offer end to end support to the artists. Once a booking is confirmed, we arrange to pick up the originals from their location and the same will be shipped to the buyer with utmost care. We have a network of artists who are differently abled. Our facilities are helping the differently abled artists to get the best revenue for their creativity.We also plan to conduct an international event for promoting the creativity of the differently abled artists and we aim to pay back the profit of that event back to the same community.

Master Brands

Tech Startup from kerala aims to improve the quality of colleges



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When the quality of education is going down, a Tech Startup is developing a product which helps to improve the quality of colleges. Intellyze, a startup from Cochin has developed a product which helps a college to appear for NAAC accreditation.
Nikhil Raj Natarajan / Febin Dominic

Can you please brief about your product and it’s use?

We do a complete automation of  the quality assurance cell of a college.Our application helps the colleges to apply for NAAC mainly. The users uploads the content to the application on a daily basis and at the time of the audit, the application will help to take out all necessary reports in a click.

Is this product useful for all colleges ? Who will be using this product?

The product is designed to meet the requirements of Arts colleges in India. The current product is developed based on the criteria of NAAC council. The market is spread across the Arts & Science colleges across India.The users of our product are the staff and students who are working as a team to ensure quality.

The purpose is to feed the data to the application. We have a list of data required by the system for proper reports .
Users have to follow the lists and to update the data accordingly , along with the supporting documents.
Once the  content is updated, it follows the organisational hierarchy for data maintenance.We can export the data to word or excel format.
Does it means that the application will be used only at the time of NAAC Audit ?
NAAC visit usually happens in five year. Atleast two  year before the event, IQAC team starts the process.
 Once the report is prepared, the volume of supporting documents will be huge. It could be even more than of a class room.
 The challenge is to recollect an incident or event happened five years before.
 Using our application, the data is automatically updated to the system and after 5 years all data with supporting documents are ready for the inspection.The students who were in the organisation might not be there at that time.
How the colleges are managing this now ?  Do you have any other competitors now?
Now the colleges are doing this as a manual process.The IQAC team prepares the document through out the year and keep it ready for the audit.At the moment there is no much competition for this product , as this is a product which required a specific set of knowledge and expertise.
NAAC has now launched an online portal for this purpose.Our product is set to upload the contents including the count, reports etc directly to the portal of NAAC.
How flexible is your product ? Are you open for customisations?
This is a product developed by our internal development team .We have hundred percent control over the product.
Yes, We are open for customising the product for a particular college.We can even include some administrative tasks to the system as we have all the data in it.
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Free job portal for common man to find a job near to his house



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A job portal developed for the common man to find out the job next to his house. The application is now free for the job seekers and is available at a small charge for the employers. The Co-Founder & CEO of, Ms. Poornima Viswanathan joins Master Brands to brief about their future plans.

Nikhil Raj Natarajan / Poornima Viswanathan

There are so many job portals already available, what is the relevance of your job portal?

There are so many job portals which helps to find out a job for a B-Tech/ MBA holder.They can register in job portals to find out the opportunities. But how about a common man, where he will search for a job? You can’t find a platform which helps the common man to find a job next to his house.

Either he has to migrate to another city / country for a job or has to be satisfied with the job he gets.  With Jobveno, he can search for a job which matched his skills and interest and the jobs near to his location will be displayed in a map. He can choose from the map and can contact for further details

What are the job sectors you concentrate?

All job sectors are included in our application. However, we aim to empower the community which are not addressed by other job portals. Around 70000 job seekers of different skill sets have already registered in Jobveno. Blue collar job sectors like driver, plumber, painter, electrician, welder, technician, tailor, beautician, therapist, sales executive, home maids etc are served more through Jobveno.

How easy it is to register in Jobveno?  Is there any assistance given to them over phone to register?

It is very easy to register in Jobveno. They can register with very few data and registration is free of charge. A formal resume is not compulsory to be part of Jobveno. We are keeping it free as we want everyone to get a job. With just location and skill sets, we are enabling an account in Jobveno.

How about the employers, What are the packages you offer to them?

We only have one package now.  We allow unlimited database view and unlimited job posting for just Rs.299. The validity is for 30 days. We also allow the employers to post unlimited number of jobs during this period. Employers can directly call the jobseekers using the application.We also have an option to search for a part time employee, which is  not allowed most of the jobportals.

The Android application of Jobveno can be downloaded from google playstore, Others may visit

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Master Brands

Order custom made shirts now



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So many players are already there in the online fashion business. Apparels of choice can be bought from any of these portals at competitive price.But will it fit you properly.Many a times, it will not. Henry Classics offers you an online solution for this.

Nikhil Raj Natarajan/ Rony Joseph

Does this market need one more portal for fashion?

No two humans are identical with their body shape, especially with the new life style. There is no logic of stitching a shirt at common sizes and calling it Large/ Medium. I used to avoid many branded shirts just because I was not getting the right fit. I discussed the same with many of my friends and realised that they all are facing the same problem.As a solution for this , we decided to start Henry Classics.

So is it custom dress stitching for everyone ?

We are currently offering custom shirts only. In the next phase , we will be including other dresses as well.

What makes you different from other stitching centres , other than online presence?

The fabric we use are imported from Italy . Our fabrics are made of Giza Cotton which are considered as the finest in the quality.

Nikhil Raj Natarajan/ George Paracka

How easy it is for a common man to book a shirt through

Users will be guided through a step by step procedure which will make it easy for them to select and to confirm the booking. Once a user selects a fabric, he will be shown a 3D view of a shirt with that fabric.He will be then given an option to select the cuff, bracket, collar etc . The final preview of the shirt will be shown to the customer before he is forwarded to the payment page.

People are used to select the fabrics with a touch & feel.Will the customers trust the fabrics of a new brand?How you are planning to overcome this challenge?

For those who want to have a touch and feel, we are sending upto 5 samples of the fabrics to their address for free of cost. We want our customers to understand the quality of the fabrics before they order it.

Perfect fit for shirts is your highlight, But how can some one take his perfect measurements. Do you provide some support for that?

Yes,We give 4 types of support in that.
1. We can send our tailor to their doorstep in 24 hours for taking measurements.
2.Customer can send us their favourite shirt, so that we can use that measurements
3.We collect the measurements using a set of questions including the size, height etc and we have an algorithm to identify the best fit measurements.
4.Customer can measure any of their favourite shirt and can share us the measurements of that shirt. 12 guidelines are given for that, which are easy to follow.

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Cut your hair using a mobile app



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You can get any personalised services at your door steps using the mobile application “Joboy”.Let it be ironing your dresses, car washing or even a hair cut, you can book a professional service through Joboy app at an affordable hourly rate.You can also find the services of a plumber, electrician, driver, cleaner, beautician, home nurses , doctors and many more in the Joboy app.

Nikhil Raj Natarajan / Jees Kariyil

Do our market need a product like Joboy, How it is benefiting the public?

The residents of metro cities are not getting proper services many a times. The basic concept of Joboy is to offer personalised services in metro cities at an affordable cost in no time. Our platform is developed to connect to the very nearest available service provider. For example , if a user is in need of an electrician to fix some urgent electrical problem at this home, he can book the service of an electrician through Joboy. The system will identify an electrician in the nearest location and connects to the user.The user will get all details like name of the electrician, his service charges etc  in advance through the application.

You are sending some one to a home , how do you ensure the safety?

Joboy team ensures that the services are offered by professionals , who are not having any crime history. Our representative verifies the documents of the service provider in person and collects the id card copies and enters into a formal contract. We also do a random police verification as well.We also have an internal rating system, which is collected through different feedback mechanism. Those who doesn’t maintain the minimum level of ratings will be removed from the platform.

What are the USP’s of your platform?

It will not take more than 30 seconds to book a service through Joboy App.

There is option to make payment online , as the app is connected to majority of payment gateways.They also allows to pay by cash to the service provider after the service is satisfactorily completed. Joboy is also having a store to list out all deals available in the city. The users can also make utility payments through the same app.

Joboy is now operating in limited cities of South India and have plans to expand to other cities very soon. 
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Stay with the nature in a camp



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Interview with the founders of

Nikhil Raj Natarajan / Prabil M.J.

What made you to start campper?

By 2015 December, we realised that our start up idea is not viable. We decided to drop the concept and celebrate the failure with our friends. We reserved a camp in vagamon of Kottayam district. During our camping, we realised that there is so many excess lands available In the hill stations, which are not suitable for cultivation and developed a business model to effectively utilize such excess land for camping, thereby to generate an additional revenue for the land owners.

” All our camping packages includes dinner and breakfast. Guests will be offered with all facilities to cook tandoori and other food items by themselves. “

What was your execution plan? How did you contact all these camp owners?

We decided to take it online and developed an online portal named We started listing all existing camps of South India Initially and then started approaching the camps one after other. It took almost 6 months to aggregate all existing camps and we continued educating the land owners on the new revenue possibilities. By September 2016 we launched our online portal and started accepting bookings.

Camping is not a new concept? What makes campper different?

Usually Camping is conducted as an event lasting for one or two days. We decided to standardize the camps by ensuring facilities like 24/7 security and care taker, all camps are in properly fenced private land, ample lighting, facility for food, toilet facilities, secured parking etc. All our camping packages includes dinner and breakfast. Guests will be offered with all facilities to cook tandoori and other food items by themselves. Our target was to offer the same facility and ambiance of a hotel or a resort by staying in a tent. We consider this as our USP.

Those who travel with their family always have a concern on the security. We addressed this by adding security staff and care taker in all the camps. Our team visits the camps very often to ensure that the camps are secure. We created a network of scout team to visit the camps and to review the camps on our behalf.

We also identify the activities like trekking, jeep ride, pain ball etc and major attractions near the camp sites and offer it along with the camp bookings. We support the guests from booking of camps till check out.

We have a team of 12 members. We are incubated in the Business Incubation centre of KSIDC located in Infopark , Cochin.

Nikhil Raj Natarajan / Sooraj Rajan

How the market is responding to your concept of Online Camp selling?

We are positioned as an online market place, with host in one end and guest in the other end. Any person with extra land suitable to set up a camp house, a part of a resort or a farm house is a host for us. We have listed all major camps of south India and have plans to expand soon. We also have some exclusive camps which could be booked only through our portal,

If I have some un used land in a hill station, how can I generate revenue from that with the support of Campper?

If you have an extra land, let us know the details, our team will visit the place and check whether the land is suitable for camping or not. If the land is found suitable, we take care of everything from there, starting from providing consultancy support on how to set up a camp, from where to procure the necessary materials in the best price, guidance on the statutory licensing etc and we also support to set it up properly. Once the camp site is ready, we starts the marketing activities and ensures bookings, all these without any cost.

Wishing all the best for your venture.

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