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Cut your hair using a mobile app



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You can get any personalised services at your door steps using the mobile application “Joboy”.Let it be ironing your dresses, car washing or even a hair cut, you can book a professional service through Joboy app at an affordable hourly rate.You can also find the services of a plumber, electrician, driver, cleaner, beautician, home nurses , doctors and many more in the Joboy app.

Nikhil Raj Natarajan / Jees Kariyil

Do our market need a product like Joboy, How it is benefiting the public?

The residents of metro cities are not getting proper services many a times. The basic concept of Joboy is to offer personalised services in metro cities at an affordable cost in no time. Our platform is developed to connect to the very nearest available service provider. For example , if a user is in need of an electrician to fix some urgent electrical problem at this home, he can book the service of an electrician through Joboy. The system will identify an electrician in the nearest location and connects to the user.The user will get all details like name of the electrician, his service charges etc  in advance through the application.

You are sending some one to a home , how do you ensure the safety?

Joboy team ensures that the services are offered by professionals , who are not having any crime history. Our representative verifies the documents of the service provider in person and collects the id card copies and enters into a formal contract. We also do a random police verification as well.We also have an internal rating system, which is collected through different feedback mechanism. Those who doesn’t maintain the minimum level of ratings will be removed from the platform.

What are the USP’s of your platform?

It will not take more than 30 seconds to book a service through Joboy App.

There is option to make payment online , as the app is connected to majority of payment gateways.They also allows to pay by cash to the service provider after the service is satisfactorily completed. Joboy is also having a store to list out all deals available in the city. The users can also make utility payments through the same app.

Joboy is now operating in limited cities of South India and have plans to expand to other cities very soon. 


Uber and Ola Tricks Hacks and Tricks To Save Money While Booking



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There has been some drastic change in the setup of ola and uber. Everyone is using ola and uber for their transport. The market of ola and uber has also risen up quite well in recent time.

Most people use ola and uber while going for work, party etc. The price of ola and uber is quite affordable and hence everyone uses it with great ease. Amidst the surge pricing, people use it because it’s totally worthful. Ola and uber give certain coupons at the time of the festival.

In this blog, we are going to talk about some tips and tricks we can definitely use it like a pro. If you are frequent cab user than it will be definitely helpful for sure. Less of us know that there are certain tips and tricks which you can use to make your ride cheaper rather than paying it two times more.

Tips and tricks to use in Ola and Uber like a pro

OLA and UBER Hacks You Should Know: Frequent cab user should definitely use this tips and tricks which can help them book the cab with lesser price. You should all use this tips and tricks to use in ola and uber. Let’s get started.

OLA and UBER Hacks You Should Know:
OLA and UBER Hacks You Should Know:

1st Ride free

OLA and UBER Hacks You Should Know: This trick is for first time user where you can easily enjoy your first ride free without giving any buck for the ride. Sounds crazy right? So what are you waiting for if you haven’t used Ola or uber ever, just download the app and get the first ride free.

OLA and UBER Hacks You Should Know:

Refer a friend and get discount coupons for yourself 

As you might be knowing if you are a frequent can user that you get coupons and a whole bunch of discount when you refer your friends and he/she downloads the application from the link which you sent.

What are you waiting for then, go and refer your friends and get discounts on your next rides.

Make a New account from a New Number

OLA and UBER Hacks You Should Know: This is cherry on the cake. If you have got a smartphone then you can easily make a new account after you log out from your old number.

You just need to make a new account from your new number or new email id and enjoy some free rides and thank me later.

Get a refund for your ride

OLA and UBER Hacks You Should Know: If you booked a cab and your driver arrived a bit late you can easily get the refund if your reason is genuine. After completion of your trip, let the customer care know about your experience and the reason you want the refund if it’s genuine you will get a refund for sure.

 Refresh the booking 

OLA and UBER Hacks You Should Know: This tip is a very lesser known trick, so you can start using it right away. You just need to have patience while booking the trip and if you have that then definitely you are going to spend less buck.

All you need to do is on the booking page try to refresh the booking 2-3 times. Most probably the third time you will get the cheapest trip.

 Ola Cab Offers

OLA and UBER Hacks You Should Know: What follows below is the list of ola cab offers exclusively for you only. But unfortunately, you cant use it on Uber booking. But don’t worry there are many uber tricks left which we will be discussing it in a while.

OLA and UBER Hacks You Should Know:

Ola offers

  • Ola offers 50% cash back on the first cashless transaction
  • 15% off on Ola Outstation Rides
  • Every Thursday Ola offers fixed Rs.100 rides for 15Kms
  • Up to Rs.200 off on next 4 Ola rides on payment via Ola Money
  • Ola offers flat 20% off on Ola Rentals

Pay the bill using Paytm Freecharge

There are many offers available all time that if you will pay the bill through Paytm or Freecharge you will get many discount and cashback. So don’t forget to pay the bill via Paytm or Freecharge next time.

Book the cab through Haptik

OLA and UBER Hacks You Should Know: If you are afraid of surge pricing than don’t worry download Haptik and get ultimate cashback on your trips. The user-friendly interface of Haptik makes it easy to choose between Ola or Uber.

OLA and UBER Hacks You Should Know:
OLA and UBER Hacks You Should Know:

Phew! that’s all about tips and tricks of ola and uber. So what are you waiting for use this tips and tricks while booking ola or uber next time. Do tell us any other tips and tricks if you have come across in recent times. Comment in the comment box below. We will be happy to hear from you.

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Hyperlocal Service Marketplace Application JOBOY launched in Dubai



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Hyperlocal services online platform JOBOY has launched their services in the United Arab Emirates. Services such as Home maintenance and repairs, Charity, Laundry, and Real estate services are now available in Dubai, Abudhabi and Sharjah starting the first week of October. JOBOY is a one stop ‘All in One’  mobile application that offers Home services, Appliance Repairs, Payments, deals, and local e-commerce, through verified service partners and merchants. With the addition of UAE, JOBOY has added a third country to the company’s growth, as they already have presence in India and the United Kingdom.

JOBOY was launched about an year back in Kochi with home services, and since have expanded their portfolio to E-commerce, payments, event booking, and deals. JOBOY is known for their exclusive on-demand service model, where customers can avail urgent support with pre-defined rates in any city. They have active presence in Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram, and Thrissur in Kerala, and soon will be live in Kozhikode, Kottayam and Thiruvalla. Their services will soon be available larger metro cities across India.

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JOBOY founders told that the current expansion plan will also enable users in the Middle East to book services for their families living in India and vice-versa. Users will be able to book services for their family, order birthday cakes and bouquets for their loved ones, and pay online even when they are away via the mobile platform. JOBOY is trying to support customers with everything they need locally, without depending on too many websites and apps, at the same time providing utmost safety, high quality, service warranty, and data security.


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8 Top Social Media Scheduling Tools for 2018



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We’re all quite familiar with posting statuses, tweets, and photos on different social media networks. However, managing multiple networks for social media marketing of your business is a whole new story – that too, a complicated one.


Buffer impressed me with its awesome support for scheduling different types of posts including texts, links, and images, etc. for most of the social media networks. You can set them to get published automatically according to the set schedule. Moreover, you can also schedule the posts separately for each social network.


Hootsuite is one of the amazing platforms that help you manage social media marketing from a single panel. Its tools allow anyone to find and schedule social content in connected profiles. Additionally, you can get a clear overview of the queued content in its dashboard, and view the real-time analytics data for the posted social posts.

Slack Social

This tool helps you simplify content sharing and improve social engagement with your audience. From this single platform, you can manage all social network profiles and post to multiple networks with a single click. Also, the app delivers email reports, letting you check post stats and performance on those profiles right from your inbox.


Later lets you plan and enqueue interactive posts such as photos and videos to get posted automatically. You can organize posts in a calendar view and preview the scheduled content. The posts can be easily queued, and you can even upload the media files in bulk from Google Drive, Dropbox, or your computer by syncing up.


Postfity tool lets you engage your audience effectively and see the statistics in real-time for all connected social accounts. You can add multiple social accountsand plan your content on daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Postfity also includes an inbuilt content recommendation system that provides meaningful and inspirational posts.

Zoho Social

Zoho Social is a powerful business tool that helps you plan unlimited posts and automates your publishing calendar super quickly. The posts or messages can be queued from a single dashboard like above tools. What I found interesting is its SmartQ feature that smartly schedules your posts for publication when most of your audience is likely to view it.


Postcron, named after the *NIX’s cron tool, lets you schedule posts for multiple social networks. It adds watermark to your images automatically and also features auto post and bulk uploader features that let you bulk upload and schedule up to 1k posts to Postcron directly using an Excel or Google Docs/Sheet document. is an interactive tool that lets you post to multiple networks, manage effective marketing campaigns and choose the best time to schedule posts for each social account. Moreover, you can change the timezone, view your publishing history, and take advantage of the analytics tool to understand performance.

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6 Awesome Free Emoji Apps for Android Users in 2018



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Without a mobile phone, the day will not run. In this busy world, the mobile phone is essential for all basic needs. So everyone uses the mobile smartphone. Chatting on phones among family friends has become a fashion now. So for at least once during a chat, you will use emoji. This is mainly used to express our emotion which is the best way to chat with our friends. Rather than texting emoji has become an easier way to chat.  Emoji are used in all social networks such as facebook, twitter. In earlier days emoji expression was there for only crying, happy, sad, anger, etc. But now for even a single word emoji is there as technology has been improved.

5 Awesome Free Emoji Apps for Android

Elite Emoji

Elite emoji is the best emoji app and is very suitable and beautiful for expressing sensational expressions. It is free to use. This has a good collection of emoji stickers which is suitable for chatting with unknown friends. Best app to express our feelings to the receiver.

You have more than 1000 high definition emojis and stickers to show your expression on chat. So use it in your favorite messaging app in just single touch.


This app is mainly famous for a sticker. It easily improves our texting lifestyle with emoji. A different option is available here is you can create your own style emojis or also you can search for old emojis also. It has also another amazing option to create stickers in your own style as an image and save it for sending to your friends.

Emoji Maker

Here the name itself indicates that you own can create emojis and send it to your family and friends. Not only creating here customization is also available that is you can resize, move, flip and you can save it to your gallery. Here multiple emojis can be used to send at a time. There are thousands of designs which include animal faces, yellow smiley faces and more.

Swift Keyboard + Emoji

Swift keyboard id one of the best android keyboard app, but most of you don’t know this is also a best emoji app also. This emoji offers different style which works on artificial intelligence. When you start typing according to your writing style, it will suggest emoji where you can choose it. You can also correct it according to your style.


This is yet another different app which has a good collection of fun emojis. Here just when you type simply a word this will show all related type of emojis according to your text. It is cute emoji keyboard app which doesn’t collect any of your personal information or conversations; it is also famous for secured emoji app.

Disney Emoji

The character of Disney picture can be easily collected in this app. Here it is more concentrated on pixer emoji character, little mermaid, the lion king and more games character emojis are listed here. These are different expressive emoji which can send to your friends.

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8 Mobile Apps that Will Prepare You for Natural Disasters



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Recent Hurricane Florence should be taken as a reminder to always keep yourself prepared for the inevitable natural disasters. Living in a flood and earthquake-prone area myself, I am always prepared for natural disasters. And as surprising as it may be, my smartphone is the most helpful device for preparing for a natural disaster.

With a combination of few simple apps, I am able to keep strict tabs on natural disasters near me, and keep my family secure and connected if the inevitable happens. And so in this post, I’m going to share with you some handy apps that can immensely help you before, during, and after a natural disaster. Let’s check them out in detail.

1. Trusted Contacts

Created by Google, Trusted Contacts performs a single job of ensuring your friends and family are safe. You can add people you care about as your trusted contacts and they will be able to track your location in case of an emergency (like a natural disaster).

2. Offline Survival Manual

A survival manual is a must to survive any emergency situation. And in a natural disaster, you never know what kind of situation you may get stuck in with limited resources. Although there are many survival apps for smartphones, but I found Offline Survival Manual to be the most comprehensive.

3. Disaster Alert

The best safety against natural disasters is to keep a tab on disaster activity before hand. You’ll have more time to react if you know a natural disaster is on its way to your location. Disaster Alert keeps you updated with multiple types of disasters happening all over the world in real-time.

4. Disaster Management

Another guide app, Disaster Management only focuses on minimizing the impact of a disaster. It offers invaluable information regarding disasters and covers all aspects, including management before, during and after the disaster.

5. Zello PTT Walkie Talkie

During disasters, communication is the key to survival and ensuring your friends and family are safe, and Zello does just that. During emergencies it providing a low latency audio communication like walkie-talkies through which you can talk to up to 2500 people in private and public channels just by tapping and talking.

6. Earthquake Alert

Disaster Alert app does a fine job of keeping you aware of natural disasters near your area. However, an earthquake is a type of a natural disaster that can only be tracked when it actually hits.

If you are not in the epicenter of the earthquake, then it may take 20-60 seconds for the earthquake to reach you. This is where Earthquake Alert! app will help you.

7. Disaster Prediction App

Alerts about disasters in progress can be handy, but getting a prediction before the disaster happens is much safer. Disaster Prediction App is made by a group of observers who observe solar activity and geographical activity to predict solar based natural disasters and earthquakes.

8. PawBoost

Just like friends and family, there is a chance your furry little friend may get lost as well during a natural disaster. If this happens to you, then PawBoost may be able to help. It’s a community-driven lost and found pets app that helps pet owners find their lost pets.

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